How to get started:

  1. Request a quote either online, over the telephone or through an email.
  2. You then sign a web design agreement and make a small deposit, which implies the acceptance of our services and agree to the terms.
  3. As we design the site, you must also prepare and submit the required page content, pictures, or video’s to us.
  4. After the website is launched you may request additional minor changes to the website within the 7 days for free! Upon completion you are required to pay the remaining balance.

We offer affordable and professional website design services. All sites are designed to meet every client's requirements and budget. We do it all at an affordable price and we include Free Search Engine Submission.

We strive to satisfy our client’s needs by meeting project requirements and giving you a peace of mind with our 24/7 support.

Web Design Packages and Prices:
A 1 page starter website starts at $249 html only with any pictures. Suitable if you need a very simple and professional looking website to showcase your company or organizations' profile, products/services, and location.

Up to 5 pages using html including pictures and or video. $850
            -Comes with one free update for the following month.

A small business website at $1450 up to 10 pages using html.
            -Comes with one free update per month for following two months.

A business website $2450 up to 20 pages html.
            -Comes with one free update per month for the next three months.

-Additional Options
$145 per extra page, $45 per flash slideshow, $75 per hour web update,
$280 flash intro, $225 Flash Header, $145 Forum, $65 per form,
$350 Checkout system using paypal Merchant, $400 checkout system with other merchants, $265 self editable image gallery
$20 per sheet, Editable PDF Forms
*If you are interested in a service not listed we still may be able to help.

*Web hosting is only $29.95 per month*


  • We accept all major credit cards, paypal, check, cash or money orders.
  • A deposit is required before we begin designing the site and balance satisfied before site launch, unless other terms are agreed upon.

How long it takes to get a website up and running?
When you request a quote, you will receive an estimated timeframe for the project. The timeframe is assigned according to the work load and complexity of your website.

Other services provided:
Power point presentations starting at: $80

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